Anti-virus software is essential for all PC users, but even more so in a business environment. Viruses can result in damage to hardware, deleted files, corruption of software and theft of files or company data. Needless to say, the consequences of these can be devastating for a business.

Anti-virus software is a simple, cost-effective solution that functions to protect sensitive data and company assets such as hardware, whilst providing added peace of mind.

If you would like more information about any of our anti-virus solutions, or require help deciding which is the best solution for your business, contact FSL Support today on 01384 686297.

• Allows you to maintain a clean network.

• Protects endpoints such as computers, tablets, smartphones and file servers against data theft and emerging threats.

• Easily manageable security, from a single console.

• All the features of the standard version, and more;

• Powerful Web Control, Anti-Spam filter and Firewall provide added layers of protection for your business network and mobile workforce.

• Enables protection of all company laptops, computers, mobile devices and file servers.

• All email borne malware is eliminated at the server level to ensure an impenetrable email gateway.

• Ideal for those operating their own Internet gateway server.

• Safeguard your FTP and HTTP communications.

• Provides all tools and products necessary for the highest protection level for your endpoints and servers across multiple platforms.


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