Endpoint Encryption

Are you GDPR-compliant?

GDPR – The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation

In May 2018, a new EU-wide data protection regulation comes into force.

Why you need to start taking data protection seriously – and how FSL Support can help.

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What do you know about GDPR?

In May 2018, a new EU-wide data protection regulation comes into force:

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect every organisation in Europe that handles personal data of any kind. It will also affect any company that does business in the EU. The rules are complex and fines for non-compliance are significant (up to €20 million).

The General Data Protection Regulation is a comprehensive reform of the EU’s 1995

data protection regulation, being developed to strengthen and unify online privacy

rights and data protection for individuals within the EU while streamlining the data

protection obligations of businesses.

The new regulation will have a massive impact on businesses in terms of compliance

with stronger enforcement of the rules being adopted; data protection authorities will

be able to fine companies who do not comply with EU rules.

There are many reasons it is good practice and in your best interests to encrypt your data.

For example:

Avoiding monetary penalties
Meeting industry regulations
Achieving legal compliance
Avoiding bad press
Protecting customer data
Protecting financial data
Protecting staff data
Protecting corporate data
Protecting valuable intellectual property

What is encryption?

Encryption is the process of encoding information in a way that prevents unauthorised parties from being able to read it.

How does it work?

Encryption is applied, most commonly, in two different ways:

Encrypted storage –often referred to as ‘data at rest’– is most commonly used to encrypt an entire disk, drive or device.

This type of encryption becomes effective only once the system is stopped, the drive ejected or the encryption key blocked.

Encrypted contentalso referred to as granular encryption– means, typically, encrypting files or text at the application level.

The most common example is email encryption, where the message format must remain intact for the email client application to be able to handle it, but the text body of the email is encrypted along with any attachments


Proactively protect your data with Endpoint Encryption by ESET

Endpoint Encryption comes in three forms: Essential, Standard and Pro. Whether your business is large or small one of our packages will suit your needs. With optimised setup, which speeds up adoption times for admins, and a client that requires minimal user interaction, Endpoint Encryption increases user compliance and the security of your company data.

With Endpoint Encryption you can meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package. Full disk and removable media encryption keeps your data safe on the road. File, folder and email encryption keeps any collaboration across your established work groups and teams secure; with your security policy enforced at all endpoints by the Endpoint Encryption Enterprise Server.

Manage users and workstations together or independently with the Endpoint Encryption Enterprise server. Keep your most high-risk endpoints under close control at all times: activation and changes to security policy, software feature-set, encryption keys and endpoint status are all handled securely through the cloud to simplify control. Only Endpoint Encryption offers full control wherever your users are: allowing employees to work from home or on the move whilst enjoying the full protection of Endpoint Encryption.


Endpoint Encryption Mobile is now available for iOS and compliments the full Windows products perfectly. Create, read and reply to encrypted email messages and attachments on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Fully compatible with Endpoint Encryption central management


  • Full Disk Encryptionkeeps you entire HDD encrypted with pre-boot security, with full remote management. Only available with DESlock Encryption Pro.
  • Removable Media Encryptionenables you to protect removable media with full or file encryption. Only available with DESlock Encryption Standard and Pro.
  • DESlock Go Portable Encryptionis an on-device application which runs straight from a USB stick which, with the correct passwords, allows user to edit, read and write encrypted documents on any PC. Only available on DESlock Encryption Standard and Pro.
  • File and Folder Encryptionensuring that your teams and workgroups can collaborate securely.
  • Mail Encryptionensures that your email is read only by its intended recipient.
  • Text and Clipboard Encryptionensures that sensitive information can’t be read from the clipboard.
  • Virtual Disks and Compressed Archivesensures that sensitive information can’t be read from the clipboard.
  • Encryption Key Managementallows you to add or remove encryption keys with ease, without affecting the user.
  • Centralised Managementhelps you manage every endpoint user and workstation from a single centralised hub.
  • Enterprise Server Proxycan act as an intermediary ensuring that all connections from the client and server are outgoing.
  • DESlock Mobilefor iOS, offers Email, Text and attachment encryption and is fully compatible with central administration.