Fight Email Spam!


Cyber security is a growing concern amongst businesses. Data breaches are becoming commonplace and it’s not just big corporations that are targeted. Smaller businesses tend to have much weaker cyber security defences than their larger counterparts, which is precisely why they are so often targeted by attackers. Whilst antivirus software is not a comprehensive solution to the issue of cyber security, it will go a long way towards protecting your business from many of the online threats faced today.

What is Email spam?

Most businesses rely on email for a substantial proportion of their everyday communications. They, therefore, have greater potential for exposure to the harmful kind of junk email, compared with individuals sending emails in their personal lives.
Email spam, also known as junk email, is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email. This many contain disguised links that appear to be for familiar websites but in fact lead to phishing web sites or sites that are hosting malware.

Why are spam Emails dangerous?

If malware gets onto one of the computers in your workplace, it can quickly spread across your entire IT system, causing significant damage, disruption and potential loss or theft of vital business data. Even if you don’t directly lose money, your revenues are likely to suffer due to the cost of dealing with a data breach and recovering from subsequent downtime and damage to your company reputation.

Protect your business data

Computer viruses and malware can put your business data at risk. If malware is unleashed on your IT systems, it could result in data being stolen or, perhaps, lost due to files being deleted or corrupted. Many cyber-attacks are launched with the specific aim of stealing valuable company data for financial gain. What is your company data worth? Antivirus software can help to keep it safe.

Protect your clients’ data

Protecting the data of your clients or business associates is equally, if not more, important than protecting your own company data. As demonstrated by some of the high-profile data breaches of recent times, the failure to prevent a breach can lead to serious and lasting reputational damage. If confidence in your business diminishes, so too will your client base and profits. Dealing with a data breach can also be extremely costly, so it’s wise to take every possible step to prevent something like this from occurring. Antivirus software is a vital component in the fight against cyber-attacks.

Avoid downtime

Viruses and malware have the potential to bring your operations to a standstill. If your systems become infected, it is likely to take some time to assess the extent of the damage and resolve the issue. In most cases, this would cause significant disruption to the business that led to loss of revenue, wasted staff hours and unhappy customers. Regardless of the cause, no business wants to experience downtime. By installing antivirus software and keeping it up to date, you can help to ensure that your business does not grind to a halt due to virus infection.

Protect your systems and software

Viruses can negatively affect your entire computer system, potentially attacking key functions of your devices and programs. This can lead to instability, malfunction and permanent loss of critical files. This will affect your ability to operate normally and will be costly to resolve. Antivirus software is essential in protecting your business against this.

Protect your company finances

The total cost of malware infection can run into many thousands of pounds. When you consider the combined impact of prolonged downtime, loss of business, reputational damage, loss of critical data and the cost of repairing the damage done, the total cost can be difficult to quantify. What is certain, is that it isn’t a risk worth taking. Antivirus software is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of dealing with a data breach. If you want to protect your company finances from the devastating impact that malware can have, investment in a business-grade antivirus solution is a very good place to start.
Cyber security has moved firmly to the top of the agenda for many large corporations. With an increasing number of attacks now being targeted at smaller businesses, now is the time for them, too, to take the issue seriously. Whilst we would never suggest that antivirus software alone is enough to protect your business from the growing threat of cybercrime, it is, nevertheless, an essential piece of the puzzle.


If you run a business, then you need to fight back against this invasion of your communication network. There are a wide range of anti-spam solutions on the market to suit the needs of different businesses, many of which are surprisingly affordable – even for small businesses. And, the protection offered is invaluable when weighed against the risks associated with spam-related business disruption.


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