Offsite Backup for Critical Data

At Futuremax Solutions, we offer secure and reliable offsite backup for critical data. Despite the fact that any business would struggle to function is their data was lost, many small and medium businesses, in particular, fail to back up their files. If a hard drive was to fail, for any reason, critical data could easily be lost forever. And, those that do back up their data have a tendency to store the additional copies of their data onsite along with their computers, where the original data is stored. The problem with this method, however, is that both the original data and the backups are likely to be subject to the same fate in the event of a disaster, such as fire or theft.

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Instead of putting your business at risk, you can enjoy business continuity and protection by opting for an offsite backup solution. At Futuremax Solutions, we use sophisticated cloud backup software that safely and efficiently backs up and stores multiple versions of your critical files offsite. It is recommended practice to store multiple versions of your important files, as it allows you to easily restore files to any given point in time. Our service makes this easy with a uniquely straightforward version control system.

For complete security, all of your backups will be encrypted using the strongest available methods so that not even we, as the provider, will be able to read the files. This offers a much greater level of protection than onsite backup solutions, which are not typically encrypted and, therefore, potentially allow anyone to gain access to confidential files such as client databases, company tax and accounting information, payroll and billing records.

Our offsite backup service is easy to set up and reduces your workload by immediately sending your backups offsite and safely storing them away from your premises. For a low monthly cost, you can benefit from improved business security and complete peace of mind. Call us today on 01384 686297 for more information about our offsite backup solutions.