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Microsoft Office 365 has taken the traditional Office desktop applications to the cloud. Instead of buying the software package you want, the cloud-based alternative works on a subscription-based model. For a low monthly fee per user, you can enjoy all of the well-known Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.). Because the service is delivered via the cloud, you can also enjoy integration with other productivity services such as Exchange Online, OneDrive and business web conferencing.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why Microsoft Office 365 is a business must-have…


Office 365 is accessible for any business – even startups with a very limited budget – because there is no upfront cost. It’s provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution, which means that you don’t need to invest in licensing or hardware to use it. All you need with any cloud service is a decent internet connection and web-enabled devices. All of the conventional Office applications can still be downloaded to the desktop for ease of use and offline access. The service is paid for on a monthly subscription basis per user, with prices starting from just a few pounds per month depending on which package you choose.


These days, workers enjoy greater flexibility and mobility than ever before. One of the major advantages of Office 365 for business users is that it can be used anywhere and anytime, and on virtually any web-enabled device. And, the experience is the same across each different device, so very little familiarisation will be required. This gives users the freedom to choose when, where and how they work, without compromising productivity.


If you have used Microsoft products before – and the vast majority of us have – then you will have no problems whatsoever using Office 365 in your business. It’s incredibly simple, intuitive and easy to use, so you won’t have to spend hours getting your head around it or training staff how to use it. From an administrator perspective, Office 365 provides an unprecedented level of control. The administrator service is incredibly intuitive and simple to use, providing the ability to see what users are doing at all times and set security controls specifying who has permission to edit certain documents and who can simply view them.


Mailbox size has long been a bugbear for both IT admins and users, but Office 365 has changed this. With 50Gb mailboxes for each user, you could easily store all of the emails you have ever received with room left for more!


With Office 365, you don’t have to bear the burden of security worries as this falls to Microsoft because it is a hosted cloud service. As a giant in the world of computing, Microsoft is able to invest heavily in security and can be trusted to safeguard your data. The service is also extremely reliable and comes with extensive SLAs, giving you complete peace of mind that you will have an uninterrupted, secure service. You can also benefit from the ability to remotely wipe the data on your devices, should they be lost or stolen.

With all these great features, Microsoft Office 365 is a cost-effective solution capable of significantly boosting productivity across your organisation. It’s affordable for businesses of all sizes, even the smallest, because you’re only charged for the number of users you have. It’s not the only office software on the market, but it’s by far the best in our opinion because it offers the most features, works across a wide range of devices and has the most support.

If you want to benefit from Microsoft Office 365 in your organisation, contact us today for a highly competitive quote.

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