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With the new GDPR law FSL Support recommend that business users keep their files, phones and laptops secure by using a trusted encryption package.



We offer reliable and cost-effective anti-spam solution. In this day and age, it is extremely risky practice for a business not to have a anti-spam solution in place.


At FSL Support, we provide a comprehensive range of business IT security services. Whenever we begin working with a new client, we usually begin by conducting a comprehensive audit of their existing IT security solutions to determine whether everything is secure and safe. From there, we discuss our findings and make recommendations on how best to move forward.
We put a strong emphasis on customer care and are dedicated to first contact resolution. Our experienced team are just a telephone call away and, if we are unable to resolve your problem via telephone or remote support, then we will send an engineer out to visit you on site.



At FSL Support, we provide business-class anti-virus solution powered by Eset. Anti-virus software is a simple, cost-effective solution that functions to protect sensitive data and company assets such as hardware, whilst providing added peace of mind.


Web Monitoring

FSL Support’s web monitoring software is a DNS based web filtering solution, managed by FSL Support. This cloud based web filtering solution provides protection from online threats.

If you would like more information about any of our security products, or require help deciding which is the best solution for your business, contact FSL Support today on 01384 686297.