Structured Cabling

At FSL Support, we provide professional, high-quality structured cabling services. The structured cabling network within your premises is the foundation of your entire IT and communications network.

It is the wiring network that is responsible for carrying your data, voice and network services through your organisation and transferring information between various equipment including computers, routers, switches and storage area networks. If it is not installed and set up professionally, it is likely that you will suffer downtime, interrupted workflow and a reduced network performance.

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Structured Cabling Network

A structured cabling network provides a single unified structure with the capacity to carry data in all formats, which differentiates it from the more traditional multiple cabling systems and makes it a more reliable and cost-effective infrastructure.

A quality structured cabling network will usually include several different types of cabling including copper cables and fibre optics.

One of the main benefits of structured cabling is that it carries a high bandwidth. This can allow you to run your operations more efficiently, support growth and future-proof your business. Having an IT infrastructure that is scalable and capable of immediately facilitating change can help to ensure your business succeeds in a competitive environment.

Running everything off of a single unified system removes the complexity associated with having multiple wiring systems in your premises. With a single system, it becomes much easier to identify and resolve a problem when it occurs, which can significantly reduce the time and cost involved with repairs, thereby ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

At FSL Support, we have many years’ experience proving quality structured cabling solutions to businesses. We can design and implement a high-quality network infrastructure that will offer an outstanding performance and last the test of time.