The advancements of mobile connectivity!


What is 5G?



Simply, 5G will follow from our most commonly used internet connectivity services 3G and 4G.

5G (short for 5th Generation) is just another commonly used term for certain advanced wireless systems.



The differences that users will benefits from between 4G and 5G is the significance in speed rates when loading your day to day apps. At maximum, the current system allows around one gigabit per second of data transfer. 5G is thought to increase that to a potential ten gigabits per second.

In addition it was reported that the download speeds in Chicago were from 80 to 634 Mbit/s. Upload speeds were from 12 to 57 Mbit/s.


When can we use it?


In South Korea, mobile operator KT is planning to run 5G trials in the 2018 Winter Olympics’ host city of Pyeongchang. China is likewise testing the technology, as are a number of firms in Europe.


The first fairly substantial deployments were in April 2019. In South Korea, Telecom claimed 38,000 base stations, KT Corporation 30,000 and LG U Plus18,000. 85% are in six major cities.



Furthermore, it has been reported the Apple and Samsung are leading the way forward, and it is realistically to be expected in 2020.


Are you excited for this newadvancement in our technology?