VoIP – Setting Up Internet Phones

At Futuremax Solutions, we offer installation and setup of VoIP phones. In recent years, an increasing number of organisations have been switching their phone system to a more modern VoIP alternative. Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP technology carries inbound and outbound voice calls over the internet, thereby replacing traditional phone lines.

VoIP phones offer numerous benefits to business. In particular, there is potential for great savings to be made on call costs and this is the reason most cited by businesses for making the switch. It is because they use the internet that VoIP phones have the ability to significantly reduce call costs. The internet renders distance largely irrelevant; unlike traditional phone lines that charge by the minute and cost more for overseas calls, VoIP call costs are low regardless of distance.

VoIP phones also tend to come with the advanced features, that usually cost a lot more with traditional phone systems, as standard. This brings great benefits, particularly to small and medium businesses, by opening up high-end technology to a wider market and allowing SMEs to compete on a level playing field. In addition, a VoIP system can be accessed from multiple locations and devices, which makes it ideal for businesses that have employees working on the go and from home.

Switching to VoIP is fast and straightforward. However, it is important to ensure that your VoIP phones are installed and set up to a professional standard in order to ensure that you benefit from a high-quality connection. That’s where we can help. Our VoIP installation and setup service ensures that you enjoy a hassle-free switch. We can ensure that your new VoIP system is up and running in the shortest possible time to minimise inconvenience to your business. Once your system is set up, we will make sure that your happy with your new VoIP phones and comfortable with how to use them.

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